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Free test master

You have landed here because you are interested in audio mastering.

Here you can get to know us and order a test mastering free of charge.

Take your time to look around. You can get detailed information on this page or book a test mastering right away

You can find an email form to contact us at the end of this page.

Each mastering is carried out individually, in real time, using high-quality digital outboard hardware. There are no standard presets and no automated batch processing.


You send us a title, the easiest way to use a file sharing service like wetransfer.com. We recommend that the source file is placed in a zip container so that nothing goes wrong during the transfer. You can send us almost anything as a source file, but we prefer Wave or AIFF files in the highest possible resolution.

Be careful with the digital level! Due to various technical and physical reasons, the peaks in your DAW should not exceed -3dB ...

Once we have received the title, we will edit it according to our ideas, unless you have given us specifications. You will receive a section (at least 1 minute) of the finished result.

You are not entering into any obligation! But we hope to be able to convince you with our work, like so many before you, and to be able to welcome you to our customers soon!

The best thing to do is to contact us right away. . .

Some tips for your master

1st level

In the past, in analog studios, individual tracks were deliberately and controlled overdriven, for example to benefit from "tape compression" or from harmonic distortion of electronic components.

Unfortunately, this way of working no longer works in the digital world. Too high a level can make it much more difficult to achieve the desired sound. In the worst case, a master can even be unusable because too much data has been destroyed. It is particularly annoying that not every peak that is too loud can be heard as such and not every over peak can be measured by the usual measuring instruments in the DAW software.

So the best strategy is to be careful with the level. It starts on a single instrument channel and ends with the sum. We recommend an optimal level of approx. -10dB (on the DAW scale), with peaks of up to -3dB not being a problem.


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